About me

Color headshot of Tom Christensen fractional CMO
Tom Christensen

My name is Tom Christensen. I am a veteran marketing leader and have led multiple Series A tech startup marketing departments in the B2B space.

At OnCorps, we focus on Account Based Marketing (ABM) to provide a world-class Artificial Intelligence platform to the largest players in financial services, including a Top 3 asset manager globally. Our products help reduce risk and time spent on repetitive tasks by up to 92%.

Previously, I led marketing at WELL Health (now Artera). This healthcare IT firm provides automated texting, connecting healthcare providers with patients. Together we went from Series A to Series C, and increased revenue 10x over 3 years.

I built out the teams and playbooks for Marketing and Communications — from Product Marketing, Creative, Demand Generation, Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Internal and External Communications, & PR.

At ZipRecruiter (then Series D), I worked as part of the Product Marketing team, leading Voice of Customer research for the SMB division.

I am excited to bring this high-velocity experience to your venture as a part of your team.