Fractional CMO for venture-backed B2B tech firms

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Diagnose your Go-to-Market pain with proven marketing leadership and processes

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Relevant experience, attuned to your present challenges

A passion for exploring new territory

Effective marketing is a daily challenge — early stage marketing more so. Let's carve a path to success, starting with strategy and measuring results.

  • What are the big goals for the company?
  • How do we know we’re on track?
  • How do we react to changes in real time?
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The benefits of a fractional CMO

Think about what a CMO might bring to your organization

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Set effective goals for your short, medium, and long term strategies
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Hire, mentor, and optimize your internal marketing and agencies
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Upgrade communication between Marketing, Leadership, and Investors
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Internalize Proven Playbook + Processes to hit your numbers
Build responsibly during hypergrowth

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is the part-time executive who runs your marketing team. This person is accountable for all of your marketing outcomes. Just like any leader, a great fractional CMO will inherit your goals, uncover what has and hasn't worked, and create a comprehensive plan to win.

The critical piece to remember is that this person is your CMO. They are on your team.

So, what kind of person do you want to work with? The right CMO will elevate the team's performance and spirit. They’ll also put in the systems and processes to make your marketing a productive asset.

This is my goal. I provide engaged leadership for B2B SaaS and technology companies. I’d love to understand what your goals are — and take on the responsibility for helping your team reach them with marketing that gets results.

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Timing is everything

When to consider a fractional CMO

Not all businesses will benefit from a fractional CMO. This arrangement may be appealing when you have:

  • A growing business
  • A deliverable product
  • Staff in need of oversight
  • Competing business priorities
  • A marketing headache
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A variety of service offerings to customize

How we might work together

Fractional leadership is about the flexibility; your marketing needs will be different today than they will be in six months. Let's discuss what makes sense, given your situation:
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Half Day Consult

Following 2-3 weeks of preparation and coordination via email, we will discuss the present and future state of your marketing over a 4 hour session. Deliverables include a defined customer journey and essential next steps for your marketing department.
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Ongoing Leadership

You’ll get a comprehensive marketing strategy with prioritized campaigns. I’ll work with your team daily to execute the strategy we agree upon.
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Ongoing Oversight

With check-ins every other week, your team will stay on track and campaigns will continually improve.
Portfolio Advisory

For complicated collections of marketing challenges, there are solutions.